Customize Your Morning with Ember

Customize Your Morning with Ember

March 01, 2021

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Creating a routine that works for you and sets you up to have a productive day is important. Whether you hone in on work, self-care, or getting your family ready for the day ahead, Ember and the Ember app’s customizable settings are here to cater to your lifestyle.

Here’s how to tailor Ember Mug² to your needs:

Sip at your speed with lasting temperature control

If you love sipping and savoring in the morning, but hate a cold cup of coffee, Ember Mug² lets you drink at your own pace with up to 1.5 hours of on-the-go temperature control.

If 1.5 hours still isn’t enough time with your busy morning schedule, extend your Ember’s battery life by placing it on its charging coaster between sips and enjoy all-day temperature control. If your mornings take you on-the-go, Ember Travel Mug² has a battery that lasts up to 3 hours.

Ember Mugs are automatically set to 135°F, but you can choose your preferred temperature in the Ember app.

Customize presets for multiple beverages

You already know that Ember Mug² lets you control your preferred beverage temperature. But did you know that you can save presets for different drinks?

If busy mornings call for an extra hot cup of coffee, simply save your preferred settings in the app. If you like to take it slow on weekend mornings with a cooler cup of green tea, you can save a preset for that, too. Ember lets you save your favorite beverage temperatures, so your morning is always exactly how you want it to be – at least when it comes to your drink.

Receive notifications when your preferred temperature has been reached

Scalding your mouth with your morning coffee is a thing of the past. The Ember app sends a notification to your phone when your drink has reached your desired temperature.

If you prefer a screen-free morning, no worries. The LED light on the front of Ember Mug² will pulse white as it is heating, and remain solid white once your preferred temperature has been reached and your drink is ready to be enjoyed.

Change your LED color & name your mug

Customizing the LED light on your Ember Mug² is especially useful if you have multiple Ember Mugs in your home or workplace. When you remove your mug from its charging base, the colored LED light will let you know whose mug you have selected. Ember Travel Mug² can be personalized even further with custom names on the LED display.

Track your caffeine intake with the Apple Health app

Morning routines are great for focusing on your health and building new habits. If you’re looking to cut back on your caffeine or just be mindful about your intake, the caffeine tracking feature in your Ember app can help. It estimates your caffeine consumption and puts that information at your fingertips by synching directly with the Apple Health app.

Pair up to six mugs

Between home, work, and travel, your mornings just might call for multiple Ember Mugs. The app’s intuitive interface lets you effortlessly switch between mugs, making it easy to control them all from a single device.

Switch between °C / °F

The app lets you easily switch between Celcius and Farnenheit, so you can set your favorite drinking temperatures in the units you prefer.

Download the App today!

Ember Mug² and the Ember app are the perfect duo to help you meet your morning goals. Get the most out of your Ember Mug by downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play store today.

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