Mothers Day Celebration Ideas: Activities, Gifts & More

Mothers Day Celebration Ideas: Activities, Gifts & More

April 18, 2022

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. May 8th, to be exact. This means that your time for coming up with ideas for Mother’s Day is drawing short.

But don’t start panicking just yet. If you are still looking for activities, gifts, and other Mother’s Day celebration ideas to make the day as special as mom is to you, Ember has you covered.

Here is a Mother’s Day celebration guide that will lead the day from morning to night, and help you celebrate the most important woman in your life – Mom.

1. Let Her Sleep in Late

Moms are pretty busy people. From sunrise to sundown, they are taking care of someone or something. Therefore, letting her sleep in is a nice change of pace and a great way to begin celebrating Mother’s Day before the official festivities commence.

So, let her slumber a little longer this Mother’s Day.

2. Kick the Day Off with Breakfast in Bed

Fueling her morning with only the tastiest of foods is essential. What better way to start things off than making mom feel like she’s in a five-star hotel and serving her breakfast in bed?

There are tons of great breakfast in bed recipes that you can serve, whether your mom prefers sweet or savory morning meals.

However, one thing you want to make sure she has is a nice hot cup of coffee. Therefore, a great idea for Mother’s Day is to pick up a bag of your mom’s favorite roast and serve it to her in an Ember Mug to ensure it is at her ideal temperature.

3. Get Outside in the Afternoon

Given that Mother’s Day is in the beginning of May, the weather outside should be quite wonderful. Take advantage and get outside during the afternoon. If your mom likes to hike, take her to her favorite local trail. Not a hiker? Go take a stroll in the park.

Outdoor fun can also take place right in the comfort of your own home! Instead, consider Mother’s Day activities like planting some fruit or vegetables in the backyard or maybe some flowers out front. This will give her something to constantly remind her of the wonderful Mother’s Day celebration.

4. Tackle Some of Her To-Dos

This Mother’s Day idea might not seem glamorous, but it will surely be appreciated. Helping your mom to clear her to-do list is a great way to tell her that you love her.

After all, who doesn’t want a helping hand with the chores?

5. Give Her a Gift

Of course, Mother’s Day gifts are going to be included!

When it comes to Mother’s Day ideas for gift-giving, there are tons of things that mom is sure to love. Flowers, art, jewelry, a new dress, some fancy chocolates, and a panoply of other items are all on the list.

If you need some ideas for the busy mom in your life, check out our Mother’s Day gift guide for inspiration.

6. Make Dinner for the Family

After a terrific day of Mother’s Day activities and celebration, the best way to top it all off is by cooking dinner for her and the rest of the family. If your tribe has a famed family recipe that everyone adores, this is the perfect time to surprise mom and cook it for dinner.

7. Celebrating Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day only rolls around once a year. Take this opportunity to make your mom feel as loved and special as she is. As one last parting Mother’s Day idea, to help celebrate mom this year, get her an Ember Mug² and put the days of unevenly warmed, bitterly burned coffee behind her.

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