Cooking Temperature: Smart Cooking with Hestan Cue - Ember®

Cooking Temperature: Smart Cooking with Hestan Cue - Ember®

August 26, 2020

At Ember, we know temperature matters when it comes to perfecting your brew — but it is also the key to turning your home cooked meals into culinary masterpieces. We called up Owen Wyatt, Chef and Culinary Director at one of our favorite brands, Hestan Cue Smart Cooking, to chat about the importance of temperature control and how smart technology can turn your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant experience.

Q: How would you describe the importance of temperature control in cooking?

A: Precision temperature control bridges the gap between home cooking and professional skills. When cooking with precise temperature control you can always achieve repeatable, consistent results. Knowing the exact temperature to achieve a specific culinary result removes all the guesswork when cooking.

Q: What are the major flavor differences you notice in cooking with temperature control technology versus using standard kitchenware?

A: When cooking with precise temperature it can be the difference between your Salmon fillet sticking on high or sliding off the pan at 450°F. The difference between scorching your garlic on medium-low or producing a savory aromatic at 300°F. Or the difference between throwing away that first weird pancake on medium or producing an instant golden brown delicious one every time at 400°F.

Precision temperature control bridges the gap between home cooking and professional skills.

Q: Have you discovered there are certain flavors, spices, & ingredients that rely on temperature control technology to get the taste just right?

A: Yes! Whether it’s pan searing scallops at 450°F or pan frying crispy eggplant at 375°F, precision temp control on the stovetop allows you to achieve perfect culinary results without years of experience or guesswork. Not only does it help to develop delicious caramelized flavors, but it also helps to create different textures, like crispy chicken or tender short ribs when braised at a precise simmer.

Q: In what ways does using temperature control technology benefit your health?

A: Temperature control prevents undercooking or overcooking of proteins, which can lead to food poisoning or the ingestion of carcinogenic materials. By empowering home cooks to cook at home, you’ll inherently eat healthier and better meals.

Q: How can this type of technology be seamlessly integrated into everyday life?

A: The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking system is the world’s first cooktop that combines temperature control and video-guided recipes so home cooks at all levels can achieve restaurant-quality meals at home. Whether it's frying a perfectly sunny side egg without having to adjust the heat or perfectly pan searing scallops for dinner guests, with 500+ step-by-step recipes the Cue Smart Cooking system can be used for every meal. Plus we offer additional pieces of cookware like our 5.5 qt Chef’s Pot for batch cooking and meal prep or our 3.5 qt Sauce Pot for stress-free rice, sauces and even fondue. Cue offers a combined 11 cooking functions so you’ll no longer need a multitude of countertop appliances.

Q: What are some tips & tricks for becoming a Michelin star chef in your own home?

A: Mise en place is key to being successful. This French phrase translates to “everything in its place”. It’s the preparation of food and equipment before you begin cooking. For example, you might clean and dice your tomatoes, measure out your dry ingredients, or whip your eggs. You’ll also want to make sure that you have all of your equipment and tools on hand and ready to use. Cue’s guided recipes are built to walk you through prepping the ingredients to plating the final dish so you can focus on cooking and spending less time running around the kitchen looking for ingredients.

Secondly, take your time and don’t rush through a recipe. Enjoy the journey! Especially if you are cooking a new recipe. The more time you spend in the kitchen the faster you will become over time. Plus always use a sharp knife!

Q: What does the importance of temperature control technology in coffee & cooking have in common?

A: The proper temperature produces desired textures and flavors when cooking, and it’s the same for enjoying your coffee.

Q: The average preferred coffee temperature is around 135°F. Tell us about the temperatures you prefer for some of your favorite foods.

A: I love to sear a NY Strip Steak at 435°F to develop a golden brown crust and a tender and juicy interior. For breakfast I like to fry eggs at 250°F for a tender egg white (but never rubbery) and runny yolk. And for the crispiest bacon I set my Cue to 370°F.

The proper temperature produces desired textures and flavors when cooking, and it’s the same for enjoying your coffee.

Q: What are some of your favorite recipes to cook up with your Hestan Cue? What are some of your favorite beverages to sip out of your Ember?

A: Together Cue and Ember can help you start your day with the most important meal: breakfast! Try the best scramble eggs with peppers, onions, and potatoes for a Country Scramble. Or if you are on the go, try your Fried Eggs sunny side up! And then for a fun treat, whisk up Mexican Hot Chocolate on Cue and serve at the perfect temperature in your Ember Mug.

Q: What is the future of smart home technology, if you had it your way?

A: The kitchen becomes less daunting through the use of smart technology and home cooks can explore and venture into cuisines and techniques that would otherwise be intimidating.

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