The Best Travel Mug for Your Daily Commute

The Best Travel Mug for Your Daily Commute

June 22, 2022

Whether you have to commute to work every day, are heading out to run some errands, or are packing for a road trip, having the best travel coffee mug for your needs is a must-have item. But what makes insulated coffee mugs so important, and what exactly would qualify one as the “best travel coffee mug” out of all the different ones available?

Let’s go ahead and explore those questions.

Young woman drinking from Ember Travel Mug²

Benefits of Bringing Coffee on Your Daily Commute

Millions of Americans commute to work every day. Unfortunately, commute times recently reached a new record, with the average being over 27 minutes. But that is just the average.

According to a deeper analysis of that same Census Bureau data, over 22 percent of respondents are on the road for 40 to 90 minutes, and possibly even longer.

That’s a lot of time for your coffee to grow cold.

Bringing along a heated coffee mug will keep your brew nice and hot. This means you can bring your preferred roast instead of stopping to spend money on something less-than-ideal. Plus, when compared to buying coffee each day, taking your coffee from home will turn into some serious savings.

This doesn’t even factor in the health benefits of coffee itself. It’s nice to know where your coffee is coming from. If you aren’t bringing your brew from home, you could be getting a coffee sprayed with all sorts of chemicals. Given how important pesticide-free coffee is to many, bringing along insulated coffee mugs full of their preferred roast is always ideal.

Why Ember’s Travel Mug is the Best Choice

While there are many insulated coffee mugs on the market, we truly believe that the best travel coffee mug available is the Ember Travel Mug², and there are numerous reasons why our mug stands apart from the crowd.

The Ember Mug² allows users to keep their coffee at the perfect temperature for them. Many insulated coffee mugs will lose heat over time, causing the coffee to be warm instead of hot after a while. However, even those that retain heat well pose problems for some coffee drinkers as they don’t want to lightly sip on scalding hot coffee for hours and wish their brew would cool down a bit. Plus, figuring out the right mug for you based on these preferences can be a long trial-and-error process.

While the Ember Travel Mug² is set to 135°F as its default, the hidden-until-lit LED display on the interface lets you adjust the temperature with a simple tap of the + or – sign. You can also change the temperature using the Ember app.

Whether you’re using the classic push-to-open, leak-proof lid, or the all-new Sipping Lid, you can say goodbye to dribbling coffee down your chin.

Combine the Ember Travel Mug² with the Ember Car Charger and you can even ensure that your mug will be fully charged for the day ahead, just like you.

Ember Travel Mug² Uses

Truth be told, the Ember Travel Mug² can be used for far more than just your daily commute. As mentioned earlier, our smart heated coffee mug is the perfect companion for keeping you energized for daily errands around town.

Additionally, the Ember Travel Mug² is great on road trips. Especially for those stretches of highway with hours in-between coffee shops. If you and the family go hiking or camping, bringing along your Ember Mug² will ensure that you still have the perfect cup of coffee on your adventure.

No matter where you go, the Ember Travel Mug² is right there to provide you with a perfectly personalized cup of coffee.

    Forget struggling with leaky thermal mugs, awkward handles, and continual temperature loss. Get yourself an Ember Travel Mug² to take with you on your daily commute, cross-country road trips, and everywhere in-between.

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